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Our web portal is fully searchable through various search criteria.

Connect to University Services’ Data Retrieval System via the internet to retrieve encrypted files.

Ability to automatically transmit results to a designated facsimile telephone number.

For those not impacted by DOT regulations, call a toll-free number and retrieve results at any time.

Clients can also receive email notifications for any reporting option they choose.

Reports can also be mailed to recipients.


SecuReport is University Services’ secure file transfer software for our customers who wish to download drug screen results over the internet. The software is available free of charge to all of our current and future customers.

SecuReport is an internet communications software package that allows clients to connect to University Services’ internet results retrieval system, retrieve new drug screen results posted since last download, and save the files onto the client’s local computer.

Each download of files is safely secured & encrypted.

To begin, call 800-624-3784 to setup an account with University Services and start retrieving your files.

University Services offers five types of file formats – Full Report and Raw Data versions.

Click to view Full ReportRaw DataScanlonRandomWare, or Compliance sample files.

Click here to download the USResult.Net Raw Data File Specifications (ftpspecs.doc – Microsoft Word document)

Download the SecuReport software here.

As of March 1st, 2015 University Services will no longer mail paper reports to our clients.

However, to stay in compliance with DOT regulations we will continue to mail DOT non-negative results with the MRO’s original signature.