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MRO & Drug Testing Services


The Drug Testing Process

Step 1: Collection Site Test

The employee/donor goes to a collection site to take the test; the collection site will ship the specimen along with the Lab copy of the Chain of Custody (COC) form to a laboratory for testing; the Medical Review Officer copy of the COC form will be sent to the MRO.

Step 2: Lab Processes Specimen

Once the specimen is received by the laboratory it will go through thorough testing; the lab will process the results and forward to the MRO for reporting.

Step 3: COC Entered

Once the COC form is received, the donor’s name, chain of custody number, and social security number are now linked and the document is entered into our system.

Step 4: Results Received

Lab results are received through an electronic interface; entered into our system with the chain of custody number; and our program links the lab results with the donor’s information automatically.

Step 5: MRO Interviews the Donor

If the lab results are non-negative, they are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. Each donor with a non-negative result will have the opportunity to speak with an MRO that is also a licensed physician.

Step 6: Results are Reported

If the lab result is negative, it reports to the company automatically through the system. If the laboratory result appears positive, the MRO interviews the donor to discuss non-negative results and then the final report is distributed to the company.